Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tea Party Patriot statement on violence & intimidation..

First and foremost, Tea Party Patriots has a zero tolerance policy against violence or bigotry from Democrats, Republicans or Independents, and expects this standard to be applied equally to all. The values of Tea Party Patriots are clearly opposed to those who choose this path. By the same token, public anger at Congress is legitimate and warranted. Congress is not listening to the American people and their complaints. Sadly today, the majority in Congress continue to ignore and downplay the clearly expressed feelings of the majority of the American people. According to a CBS poll on March 24th, a full 62% of the American public wants this bill challenged. It is time for Congress to listen to the American people and act accordingly. Meanwhile, Tea Party Patriots will continue to provide constructive means for the American people to make their voices heard.

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  1. Thanks yu guys doing good job....God bless yu all.