Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 16th to DC

To All Tea Party Groups, 9.12 Groups and other Organizations,

I am writing this email to all of you in the hopes we can all come together as one. United in the purpose of saving our country and make a final stand against the liberals in congress.
I have spoken to many people throughout the day, and the one tactic we have all agreed, and that is we must go to Washington. Not as a mass protest in the streets, but as a mass of citizens converging on every liberal congressional office. Lines upon lines of citizens waiting to see congressmen. Not patriots, not 9.12 people, not as an organization, but as Americans. Citizens of all walks of life, of all colors, from every corner of the country. Lines and lines of men and women, young and old standing shoulder to shoulder.

There has been much made about reconciliation, but the fight right now is in the House. If the Senate Bill passes without changes this battle is lost. Make no mistake about this simple fact. If we lose this battle, not only will our country lose, our children lose, and we will lose as a movement. It is time we put differences aside for one or two days and unite to defeat this bill.

I want your input and I want others to see your input. That is why all emails tonight are exposed. Most of the conversations today focused on March 16th as a good day as all members of congress will be in town. This will give us time to get emails to all members of our groups. Arrange buses if needed, book flights, and find hotel rooms. We can do this in one day or two. I need your input.

We can send emails, make phone calls, have candle light vigils, but nothing beats a face to face with thousands. Nothing would have an impact like every congressman and woman walking by long lines of Americans standing in their halls.

We need no signs, we need not wear a single group shirt. We just come, and come, and come. We come as Americans and we leave victorious.

Please let me know if you are willing to make this stand.

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