Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Protesting Obama visit on 1 April

President Obama will be coming to Portland this Thursday April 1st to
speak on the health care bill that recently was signed into law.
President Obama will attempt to change the minds of the millions who
oppose this massive expansion of the federal government into health
insurance and our lives. The Maine College Republicans have an
opportunity to gain national attention by voicing our outrage over
this bill.

University of Maine chapter chairman, Ben Kelleher, will be leading a
protest at President Obama's speech this Thursday. Join him and the
Maine College Republicans on April 1st at 3:00 PM at the Portland Expo
Center (239 Park Ave, Portland, ME‎).

Ben Kelleher is available for further information on the protest of
President Obama's speech. Kelleher can be reached by e-mail at

or by phone at 207-974-6999.

NB: There will be other protests there on the day starting at various times leading up to appearance. Maine Heritage Center is asking for people to show up at 12:30pm.


  1. I hope to see more protesters then supporters in Portland on 04/01/10. I was in Portsmouth NH last Spring 2009 and Obozo had 5 bus loads of "Paid " supporters there, but we still out did the liberals. Let's do it in Portland!on 04/01
    Remember Voting to fire Chellie Pingree in Nov. 2010 is more important now then Obozo in 2012! She is not representing Maine in Washington! She votes 100 % the way the White House wants her to vote. Thank You, Dave Call Standish...

  2. I hope we get 1,000s in Portland on 04/01/10, Obozo's favor day April Fools day!
    I was in the protest in Portsmouth NH in the Spring of 2009 and I saw 6 bus loads of "Paid" Obozo Supporters drive in and we still out numbered the liberals!
    Remember firing " Chellie Pingee" in November 2010 who is Maine's most ever liberal, fascist, socialist representative to the US Congress " Chellie Pingee" IS MOST IMPORTANT !
    Thank you, Dave Call
    Patriot in Standish, Maine