Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rally in Augusta/Maine coordinator on Farm Relief Freedom Rally

Event: 7th of Nov
Where: State House Parking lot in Augusta.
When: 12:00 (noon) until 3.
Why: To remind elected representatives that in exactly a year they will be up for election.
In addition two participants in the following cross-country event will be attending.
Farmer Relief & Freedom Relay to partner with Saving the Valley ( that Hope Forgot – A Tea Party Patriots™ relief relay across the nation to assist the farmers of California’s Central Valley.
In actions that can only be described as lacking the most basic humanity, the U.S. Congress has turned off the water to Central Valley farmers, leaving their land dry, their fields fallow, and their dreams and ambitions scattered in the dust. Tens of thousands are unemployed and waiting in food lines. The federal government is proving once again that the government is the problem, not the solution.
In the Central Valley of California, the Central Valley Tea Party, Water for All, Families Protecting the Valley, and local valley farmers have banded together to provide immediate and direct assistance to the suffering communities. The Central Valley Tea Party naturally reached out to their nationwide network through the Tea Party Patriots™. Across the nation the response was overwhelmingly positive. From this nationwide web, the Farmer Relief & Freedom Relay was formed.
Tea Party Patriots™ from across the nation are organizing three relief missions crossing the country with food, clothing, gift cards and other donations to assist the farmers who have been forsaken by their own government.

Northern leg speaker Andrew Ian Dodge (Tea Party Patriots coordinator for Maine ( and Josh Parker (TPP organizer in Texas) will be in Augusta to talk about their mission, which begins on Sunday with an event in Worchester, Mass.

You can follow our progress on