Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We are not predators...

There is a public hearing for An Act to Prevent Predatory Signature Gathering and Ensure a Clean Citizen Initiative and People's Veto Process (LD 1690) on Monday, February 8th @ 1pm in the Legal and Veterans Affairs, Room 437 in the State House.

This bill is Representative Seth Berry's response to LD 1495, Peoples Veto effort. Below is a summary of LD 1690 –

· This bill requires the Secretary of State to make electronic lists of certified signatures from petitions for direct initiatives of legislation and people's veto referenda beginning December 2010.

· The bill also extends the time period that a person has to examine petitions when challenging the decision of the Secretary of State from 5 to 10 days.

· The bill authorizes the Secretary of State to reject certification of signatures on a petition for a direct initiative of legislation or a people's veto if the person who signed the petition submits a written request to the direct initiative or people's veto applicant 15 days prior to the date when the petitions are due to the municipal clerk for verification.

· This bill also requires registration of organizations that receive compensation to collect or support the collection of signatures on petitions for a direct initiative of legislation or people's veto referendum.

Finally, this bill makes a technical clarification to the campaign finance and disclosure laws regarding ballot question committees.

The Link to the whole bill is:

This bill is atrocious! We need to show up in droves to testify that we are not “predators”. It’s our constitutional right to have a people’s veto!

If you can’t make it to the hearing, please contact YOUR senator and representatives to encourage them to vote Ought Not to Pass on this bill!

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