Tuesday, February 16, 2010

April 15th in Augusta

Tax Day Tea Party 2010

Maine ReFounders/Paint Maine Red is again Joining forces with the group Maine Patriots to hold an Tax Day Tea Party at Capitol Park in Augusta from 3 PM till 7 PM. It is our intention to create a grassroots coalition of Americans and provide a platform to unite around a common goal of stopping the socialistic liberal agenda, seek out and support individuals with True Conservative Values, we are also here to let our officials know that RINO's are on the endangered species list here in Maine and will soon be extinct. If done properly, we will create the foundation and structure for rebuilding the conservative movement and restoring constitutional leadership to our State and Nation.

The Augusta Tax Day Tea Party 2009 was a huge success, almost 1000 fellow Mainers from over 163 towns showed up to tell our officials that we will be silent no
more. Lets make it 5,000 this year!!!

Our goal is simple keep the grassroots movement on fire. "We want to keep
Patriots excited and pumped up, we want them to continue to pound on the door of Congress and the White House."

Help wanted with many different tasks. We need people willing to man information and sign in tables, set up and clean up etc.. Also we need donations to cover insurance, porta potty's, flyer's and so on. Please donate today! Any amount will help. We also need help with providing Pocket Constitutions for everyone who attends. Please go to your local stores and talk to the owners, ask them if you can post a flier in there store And asked them for a donation of goods or services. We will be holding a raffle to help cover the cost of pocket constitutions and this event.

Please attend and donate a little time and money to make this bigger and better than the last one.

If anyone has any suggestions or talents that they would like to share please contact me.

If You are interested in speaking let me know. It is our intention to hold this event for WE THE PEOPLE! This is not going to be a campaign rally for candidates running in 2010. This event is all about the Constitution and letting our voices be heard. We will not be inviting any politicians or candidates to speak, as far as I am concerned if they wish to speak to we the people, they can come to us.

You can send me an e-mail at PaintMaineRed@gmail.com

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