Friday, September 11, 2009

Tea Party in Bangor @ 1pm Sat 12th of September

Lois' 2nd Tea Party is in Bangor at 1PM Saturday across from the Post Office. Come on down and show the World how much you "appreciate" everything they are doing to us in Augusta and Washington. And by all means, bring a sign!

Professor Frary will be arriving from the Board Meeting of Maine Taxpayers United in Freeport, after driving there from Farmington at 7AM. He WILL have a sign. There will be a contest for "Who Drove the Most to Get Here" which The Professor fully intends to win.

GOOD NEWS: The People's Veto of the new and improved sales taxes coming to you, courtesy of the Legislature in Augusta at midnight on the last day of the session, HAS SUCCEEDED. The law has been suspended, and a vigorous public debate will now precede the voters decision in June.

NO ONE among the Legislative Leadership expected Charlie Webster to pull this off. Their increasing hysteria about the tax revenues they will lose in this stealth tax increase is almost comical to see. When did you last see the opponents of ANY petition drive actually try to block the tables of petition gatherers? 1.800 signatures were stolen out of a car. Police intervention because of legislator's interfering with petitioners -You name it.

Certain legislators will claim that this bill, while undeniably raising sales taxes on a bewildering array of items and services, MIGHT lower the income tax. The same way LD1 "lowered" real estate taxes, or school consolidation "saved" money, or the state takeover of the jails "lowered" costs. Don't be fooled again - Vote YES in June and Veto the tax increase.

SEE YOU IN BANGOR TOMORROW, 1to 2PM, across from the Post Office!

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