Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yes on 1 rally... in Augusta on the 6th of June

Join our Rally to Reject 102 New Taxes!
June 5th, 12:00 Noon at the Statehouse

Vote YES to Reject New Taxes, Still Fed Up with Taxes, the Green Party, Democrats for Fair Tax Reform and numerous other groups will hold a rally June 5th at noon, at the Statehouse in Augusta to bring attention to question one on the ballot.

Question 1, the citizen veto of legislation to expand Maine's sales tax to 102 new services and items will be voted on by the people of Maine on June 8th. A YES on 1 vote will reject this new law.

Small business owners, anti tax groups and leaders across the state want to bring attention to the very misleading ads being broadcast across the state by pro-tax supporters of this legislation. Ads are being broadcast that tell Mainers to vote no to reject tax increases. The statement is completely false and we must educate Maine people on the truth.

Come help us! Bring an antique car, motorboat, snowmobile, put a mower or a 4-wheeler in the back of your truck, or just bring an item that will be taxed. Show Maine people what is going to be taxed and help get out the truth.

Remember: Vote YES on 1 on June 8th!

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