Monday, April 19, 2010

Protest @ Snowe's office tomorrow

Dear 912 members and other concerned Americans, 4/19/2010

After a year and a half of protesting, attending rallies, and talk of action, action has come to our backyard. The past two days I have posted on our site and sent out notification showing you what the Obama Administration is now focused on shoving down our throats this time. The financial reform act , which is nothing but a bail out fund and take over of the remaining 5/6ths of the economy.

I write you personally because, we have a unique opportunity here in Maine, by showing support and solidarity to Sen. Susan Collins and Snowe we can help them stand strong. We can show them that we will stand beside them, and have their back when they do the right thing, and stand up to the brutish tactics of the current administration.

This is a historic time in all our lives, and we, as Maine citizens and as taxpaying Americans have the once in a lifetime opportunity to derail the socialistic train that America has been shoved onto. We have Tea Party support that will get our message out to the rest of the country.

Maine can lead the way in saying, enough is enough! but we must act now and go show our Senators, that we will stand with them in their fight against the plans to "fundamentally transform America".

The battle for our nations future is here, and it is now, this is a call to action, and our actions Tuesday April 20th at 4:15 pm in Bangor at Senator Collins office will spread to the nation. We must keep the magic number at 41! It is only with your help and your devotion to saving our country that this can be done. Do what you must to be there, it will be a day for the history books.

Again, join me and Tea Party members alike, Tuesday April 20th 4:15 pm Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building, 202 Harlow Street, Bangor.

See you there, together we make a difference.
Bill Barker
Founder, 912 Project of Down East Maine

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