Thursday, April 15, 2010

Augusta & Portland Tea Party reports....

A couple of reports about the Augusta rally in WBZ and Stanford Advocate. Here are some pics from Augusta.

Here is the decent coverage of the Portland Tea Party by WCSH, Channel 8 and Channel 13.

Well done to all the tea party organisers up and down the state, including Pete Harring and Laurie Brown.

I suspect the Portland attendance was adversely affected by the Tea Party Express event with Palin on the previous day. I know that at least two buses went south to see it. Mainers have only so much free time and the timing of the TPE event was unhelpful to Maine tea parties.

Update: Here is a rough cut of my speeches in Augusta & Portland, ME. Slick the production ain't.

The Exception Magazine has some speeches from tax day tea party up on its site.

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  1. I was actually happy that I didn't see any Palin supporters were not at the Portland demonstration. I'm hard pressed to think of a 'Republican' who groks the ideals of Individual Liberty with less aplomb than the Populist Princess Palin.

    Oh, she understands that she gets cheers and yelps of support when she mouths libertarian sound bites... but she seems at a complete loss of comprehension when it comes to the actual nature of 'unalienable rights' (which ALL humans have regardless if they have access to them or not) nor does she seems to get that our Constitution was mostly meant to guarantee that our Republic would not infringe on those rights of humans without Due Process...and regardless of citizenship statue.