Monday, October 26, 2009

Ron Paul, porker, gets opponent...


Local Katy Resident Announces Candidacy

Katy, Texas – October 26, 2009 – Tim Graney of Katy, Texas, announced last Monday his candidacy for the 14th Congressional District of Texas. He’s a former small business owner who will be entering his first political race with strong momentum coming out of his campaign launch last week.

Graney is running against long-term incumbent Ron Paul. “It is time for Ron Paul to step down and step aside so he can pursue his own interests while a new statesman emerges to represent the district,” states Graney. "I told him so Sunday afternoon." Graney went on to say, “I am a fiscal conservative, but I do not support Ron Paul’s weak foreign policy views, nor do I support his do whatever you want ultra-Libertarian views that conflict with our American values.”

In his first term in office, Graney will focus on three key areas of legislation to propel this country forward – Energy, Business Growth, and American Values. Graney says, “The first two are paramount to the economic and long term security of our nation and the third will help return us to our roots that founded and built the greatest nation on earth.”

Graney believes in Energy Initiatives. He will focus on “Expansion of Drilling, Expansion of Nuclear Energy, and Expansion of Research.”

“For decades, the issue of Energy Independence has been talked about without anything ever getting done,” says Graney. “Continued failure to act by the representatives in Washington has lead to a weakened national security and economy. I am here to help reverse that trend.”

He also explains, “The 3 R’s of my Business Growth Initiatives: Reduce Regulation, Reduce Taxation, Re-grow Jobs in America.” As a former small business owner, he understands the pain of dealing with business regulations. Graney wants a zero percent tax rate for small businesses (those who have a profit of less than one million dollars) so they can reinvest their money into their business and continue to grow jobs.

Graney’s third plank is maintaining American Values. “As we move our nation into the future it is imperative that we not forget where we have come from and how we got here,” says Graney. “We must not lose sight of our American values that are being slowly eroded by political correctness. We must return to the principled roots of the founding values that have made America what it is today.”

Monday, October 19, was Graney’s campaign launch event. Within his first week of announcing, Graney has raised in excess of $15,000. "This overwhelming response is humbling and inspirational. It confirms to me that people are willing to support a conservative candidate with traditional values and a clear message that resonates with them. Even in tough economic times, people are finding ways to contribute toward my campaign. I am more resolute than ever to help steer our nation back onto the path of common-sense energy initiatives, a government that is friendly to small business, and a return to our American values."

His wife of 15 years is Corrine Graney. "I'm proud of Tim," she says. "He is serving a cause greater than himself. Our boys, ages 11 and 9, look up to their father, who is teaching them by example that politics can indeed be a noble calling." Graney attributes his values, instilled at a young age, to his upbringing.

This election cycle will define our country in crucial ways. “My time to serve this great nation has arrived; it is the least I can do the repay all she has given me.”


Graney for Congress

2910 Commercial Center Blvd - Suite 103-314

Katy, TX 77494-6584

Phone: 281-398-9927

Fax: 281-398-6488


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