Monday, November 22, 2010

The task for the Lame Duck... Session...

We must defeat or minimize the damage from the following:

- The DREAM Act - Amnesty for illegal immigrants beyond current military process of becoming a US Citizen - Send a Free Fax to Sen. LeMieux
-Allow to expire all the Stimulus in all its forms including the Build America Bonds program. Be aware of the impact on profligate local and State governments and make adjustments where appropriate
- TANF (expires December 4th) is what was added by the Stimulus and must end.
- FAA (Expires December 31st) Reduce TSA funding - Ask your Senator/Congressman to revert TSA back to contractor status, metal detectors, profiling and dogs. It's less stressful;. costs less and more effective. Body scanners are a law enforcement tool for terrorists and smugglers. I am unconvinced the reduction of terrorism off sets the health and legal concerns.
-FDA Food Modernization Act - Will add more government control over food supply.
- FCC Net Neutrality - a threat to free speech through regulation not legislation
- The Paycheck "Fairness" Act - A threat to Free Markets and extends government's role into hiring and pay.
- Quantitative Easing - Defend your purchasing power by asking your Representatives to stop Quantitative Easing. I can't stress the importance of telling DC to stop messing around with the values of our currency.

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