Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9.12 Joint Press Release



Tea Party Patriots

Scott Boston

Tea Party Patriots, National Education Coordinator, 9/12 St. Louis Event Coordinator scottsboston@gmail.com


Andrew Ian Dodge

Tea Party Patriots, Maine Coordinator, speaker 9/12 St Louis




(ST LOUIS, MO) September 7, 2010 Labor Day has traditionally marked the beginning of the fall political season and this year is no exception. This weekend thousands of Tea Party Patriots from across the Midwest are expected to converge in St. Louis on September 12, 2010 for one of three large regional tea party rallies across the country. The St. Louis rally will be held under the Gateway Arch and begin at 1 p.m.; it is free and open to the public.

“Our agenda for the fall is very simple,” says Jenny Beth Martin, “we want to recycle government at every level. Our effort will be focused around the three “R”s which unite our movement: Repeal, Reduce Restore. We want to repeal the onerous legislation that has been passed against the will of the American people, reduce the size and cost of government at every level, and restore the Constitution as the loadstar of good government.” Martin is co-founder and national coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, the largest network of voluntarily affiliated tea party and 9/12 groups in the country.

American Majority, which conducts activist training seminars, will be also in town this weekend to offer a range of trainings on Saturday. “Many of our members are new to political activism, says Scott Boston, National Education Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots who is helping to coordinate Sunday’s rally, “and we are thrilled that St. Louis Tea Party was able to secure these trainings. I and many others have participated in them in the past, and they will be of great benefit as we work to get out the vote this year.” For more information on how to register for the trainings or event information go to recyclegovernment.org/stlouis.

Speakers at the rally will include US Congressional Representatives Steve King and Tom Price, political pundit, and conservative author Dick Morris, radio and Internet personalities and grassroots organizers from all across thee Midwest and from states as far as Maine and Washington. St. Louis attendees will hear music from country music legend Sammy Kershaw; former American Idol contestant Krista Branch; Neil E. Boyd, winner of America’s Got Talent and St. Louis diva Kim Massie.

The “9/12” rally, as its come to be known, first took place on 9/12/2009. More than 850,000 people converged on Washington, D.C. to protest out of control government spending, the erosion of personal liberties, and the bailouts of troubled industries. This year, the “9/12” rally will be held in St. Louis and Sacramento, CA in addition to Washington, D.C.

For more information about Tea Party Patriots go to Tea Party Patriots.org


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