Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tell Collins & Snowe to vote no on Disclose

The pressure to vote for DISCLOSE is enormous and placed squarely on Snowe and Collins. They are being told the bill is fair since it covers unions and businesses.

Please explain to Senators Snowe and Collins that:
1. DISCLOSE sounds fair, but is written to excuse most liberal and union groups and restrict most conservative and grassroots groups.
2. Passage of DISCLOSE would be a major blow to the Republican Party's chances of winning in November.
3. DISCLOSE dries up acess to millions of dollars of Republican campaign funding, while making it easier for Democrats to raise money.
4. This is not another McCain-Feingold. It is a trap.

Please vote against DISCLOSE!

Olympia Snowe 202 224-5344
Susan Collins 202 224-2523

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