Sunday, March 8, 2009

Current state of play

We are getting quite a bit of interest from individuals and groups of people. We have a bit of time so we are making sure to get things done properly. Please keep coming back here to check on any new details that might arise. Thank you to all who stepped forward so quickly with enthusiasm.


  1. Thanks AID, I knew there were other conservatives in Maine, a pleasure seeing John Frarys face on the followers!!!

  2. My name is Rick Johnston. I am a working Republican that Dems. call "the rich elite". Enough is enough, I am taking a "vacation day" from work in order to take part in the tea party in Discusta on April 1, 2009. Our motto will be
    "not yes we can, but yes we will". As my role model Ronald Reagan once said "government is not the solution, Goverment is the problem". It's time to step up and be counted.